Check out some reviews for LINCOLN 2020!

 “A pointed satire [that] asks a pretty good “What if" on a number of contemporary political, social, racial and LGBT issues in the aftermath of 2016–a blame for which we must both sling and shoulder–and all the while managing to be pretty damn funny." – Monique LeBleu, The Los Angeles Beat 

“A comedy on par with VEEP with just enough absurdism and satire to keep you guessing and entertained.” – Leslye Headland, creator/EP Russian Doll 

“An exceptional show that will challenge the audience to reconsider the power of political nostalgia, as funny and clever as it is thoughtful.” – Matthew Robinson, Encore Judge 

“With an incredible script and brilliant direction, the cast truly had the freedom to deliver a strong contender for some type of award recognition and is most worthy of an Encore performance.” -Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog 

“What a riot this show was. Relevant, hysterical, well-written and directed. This was a Fringe standout.” – Billy Ray Brewton 

“Intelligently written and so beautifully performed by this excellent ensemble cast.” – Kenneth Klimak 

“The actors had a blast with Holiday Kinard’s whip-smart script. A great show that sent up all the absurdity of the current political situation, without getting bogged down by the despair.” – Lucy Gillespie 

“Astutely and often raucously funny, it is also surprisingly deep.” – Karin Collinson 

“This show is exceptionally funny, goofy in all the right ways, manages to infuse some deep political satire and cautionary flags” – Erik Blair